1.   Dress for success ‑ reflect a professional image.
  2.   Be early for interviews (10‑15 minutes).
  3.   Turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car.
  4.   Take a folder with you for notes and have your questions prepared that you want to ask.
  5.   Extend a firm, friendly handshake.
  6.   Maintain good eye contact.
  7.   Express interest and enthusiasm (empathy).
  8.   De‑emphasize money and fringe benefits (open on salary).
  9.   Compliment past employers or minimize if unpleasant.
  10.   Express appreciation for interviewer’s time.
  11.   Give direct responses to questions.
  12.   Ask questions about position and the company.
  13.   Be receptive to the possibility of transfer to other locations.
  14.   Exhibit confidence and poise (at ease, calm).
  15.   Be assertive without being overly aggressive.
  16.   Exhibit tact.
  17.   Express yourself clearly (voice, diction, grammar).
  18.   Express a career purpose and goal.
  19.   Express willingness to “earn your stripes.”
  20.   Demonstrate mature attitude.
  21.   Exercise courteous, well‑mannered behavior.
  22.   Make short, direct responses to questions on unfavorable factors in record.
  23.   Indicate participation in company activities (team play).
  24.   Demonstrate decisiveness.
  25.   Fill out company application neatly and completely.
  26.   Show interest in finding a good career opportunity.
  27.   Express interest in long-term opportunities (goals).
  28.   Show understanding, compassion.
  29.   Reflect high moral standards.
  30.   Show interest in the company or industry you are interviewing with.
  31.   Be energetic ‑ well rested.
  32.   Avoid prejudicial comments.
  33.   Show broad interests (work and play).
  34.   Take criticism as a professional statement.
  35.   Get an offer ‑ then make a decision about the company.


  1. Late for interview.
  2. Poor personal appearance.
  3. Limp, fishy handshake.
  4. Lack of interest and enthusiasm.  (Passive and indifferent).
  5. Over emphasis on money.  (Interested only in best dollar offer).
  6. Condemnation of past employers.
  7. Failure to look at interviewer when conversing.
  8. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time.
  9. Failure to answer the question “Yes” or “No” before responding with detail.
  10. Asking no questions about position.
  11. Vague responses to questions.
  12. Over aggressive, conceited “know it all” complex.
  13. Inability to express self clearly.  (Poor voice, diction, grammar).
  14. Lack of planning for career.  (No purpose or goals).
  15. Unwilling to start at the bottom; expect too much … too soon.
  16. Make excuses; evasive; hedge on unfavorable factors in record.
  17. Lack of tact.
  18. Lack of courtesy, ill mannered.
  19. Lack of maturity.
  20. Lack of vitality.
  21. Indecision.
  22. Sloppy application or blanks.
  23. Giving impression of merely shopping around.
  24. Want job only for short time.
  25. No interest in company or industry.
  26. Cynical.
  27. Low moral standards.
  28. Intolerant.  (Strong prejudices).
  29. Narrow interests.
  30. Inability to take criticism.
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