What I learned from my Project Management Class

Day 1 Stakeholders are people involved in or affected by the project activities. Successful project managers develop good relationships with project stakeholders to understand and meet their needs and expectations. “Who does What by When” Overall success rate of IT projects was only 16%. More than 31% of IT projects were canceled. Project management involves Integration,... » read more

What is going to work, teamwork!

Believe it or not, I actually got this title from my niece who is still attending high school and I thought it only applied to the business world. Good thing they are starting to teach it during school. Here is a list of teamwork qualities I found on the Internet that can improve teamwork in... » read more

Building a High Performance Team

I just finish a class I am taking for my project management certification called Work Team Concepts and Skills taught by Kobe Bogaert. The class is about how to build a high performance team. In the class, Kobe talks about that a high performance team does not just come naturally, it takes effort and constant... » read more