Deploy SSIS Package to SQL Server from .dtsx package file

Open up SSMS -> Connect Integration Services… (Administration mode) Expand the “Stored Packages” folder -> MSDB folder -> right click and select “Import Package” Package location: File System Package path: C:\Deployment\MyPackage.dtsx Package name: MyPackage Protection level: Keep protection level of the original package Note: If package already exist in the MSDB, will get a prompt... » read more

Install SSL Certificate on Azure Web App

To secure your site, extract the files from and on your computer and upload them to your server. Here is a list of the most common server types and how to install SSL on them. If you created a CSR and private key in-browser during SSL activation, you will find in your downloads folder. How to install an... » read more

An installation package for the product Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL server cannot be found: msoledbsql.msi

Error: Error Description: An installation package for the product Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL server cannot be found, Try installing again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘msoledbsql.msi’ Fix: Uninstall all OLE and ODBC drivers and re run the setup. References:

Brent Ozar Training

Homepage | Brent Ozar Unlimited Brent Ozar Unlimited Level 2 Bundle | Brent Ozar Unlimited The Annual Black Friday Sale – Brent Ozar Unlimited® You’ve used sp_Blitz and the First Responder Kit to learn a lot about your databases. You read the blog regularly, subscribed to the free newsletter, watched some of my YouTube videos, maybe... » read more

Changing Database Column Order

Issue: Changing the order of database table columns. Resolution: Have to re-create the table in order to change the order of the database column. Right click on table -> Designers -> Re-arrange table column -> Save Note: Make sure the “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation” is unchecked. Change this my going to SQL... » read more

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Authentication Required.

Error: Resolution: Go to you email account settings at Security settings required by G Suite. A strong password. I create a new strong password. Confirmed. 2-factor auth is off. Confirmed. Access to less secure apps is enabled. Here is screenshot of my settings, the first is the admin console enabling it for users, the... » read more