The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Authentication Required.

Error: Resolution: Go to you email account settings at Security settings required by G Suite. A strong password. I create a new strong password. Confirmed. 2-factor auth is off. Confirmed. Access to less secure apps is enabled. Here is screenshot of my settings, the first is the admin console enabling it for users, the... » read more

Convert Syncfusion Blazor WebAssembly App from Syncfusion 19.x to 23.x

To update to a new version of Blazor WebAssembly, you need to follow 4 steps: Change the target framework. Upgrade NuGet packages. Add HeadOutlet to Program.cs. Modify Blazor “Server” App Change the target framework The first step to update Blazor WebAssembly to a newer version is updating the target framework. Right click to your project, select Properties. Do this... » read more

Install .NET workload wasm tools for Syncfusion Essential Studio

Install Syncfusion Essential Studio… .NET Core SDK 6.0 or later – installed.NET workload wasm-tools – not installed.NET workload wasm-tools-net6 – not installed Need to install .NET workload wasm-tools as prerequisite to using Syncfusion Blazor WebAssembly demo. C:\Users\xxxxx>dotnet workload listC:\Users\xxxxx>dotnet workload install wasm-toolsC:\Users\xxxxx>dotnet workload install wasm-tools-net6 References:

syncfusion-blazor.min.js script file not found in application.

When upgrading from existing Syncfusion BLazor app, the _content does not get generated. The workaround is to download the js script file and reference it directly. Issue: The following file in the _content folder is unable to be loaded from the app. Fix: Download file (input specific version) and reference in your project directly Reference:... » read more

ScanSnap Organizer

Download: ScanSnap Organizer makes it easier than ever to view, edit, and manage your PDF and JPEG files scanned with ScanSnap. It displays documents as thumbnails that you can preview in catalogue form for efficiency when searching. With a simple user interface, it allows you to create and sort folders without opening them, and... » read more

Neodynamic JSPrintManager for Blazor

Download Install To download & install JSPrintManager for Blazor, run the following command in the Package Manager Console PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.Blazor.JSPrintManager Blazor Project Setup Project.cs using Neodynamic.Blazor; builder.Services.AddJSPrintManager(); // JSPrintManager service _Import.razor @using Neodynamic.Blazor ReceiptPrinter.razor ReceiptPrinter.cs