Blazor and Browser Local Storage using Blazored.LocalStorage

Blazored.LocalStorage Note: This is for .NET 5.0. Example: Program.cs of Blazor Client CartStateProvider.razor in Blazor Client App.razor in Blazor Client TestCart.razor Sources:

Install Entity Framework for .NET Core

Install the Packages Go to Tools and then select -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console. You can see the PM> and copy and paste the below line to install the Database Provider package. This package is used to set the database provider as SQL Server You can see the PM> and copy and... » read more

Handling CORS Policy In Azure Functions

Option 1: In Azure Portal Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows JavaScript code running in a browser on an external host to interact with your backend. Specify the origins that should be allowed to make cross-origin calls (for example: To allow all, use “*” and remove all other origins from the list. Slashes are not... » read more

Dynamic Data and Json

HTTP Body JSON Note: Case sensitive. When passing in an object from another app, sometimes it will make the first letter of the attribute name lower case.