https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/rammap RAMMap v1.61 Article 05/11/2022 2 minutes to read 4 contributors By Mark Russinovich Published: May 11, 2022  Download RAMMap (671 KB)Run now from Sysinternals Live. Have you ever wondered exactly how Windows is assigning physical memory, how much file data is cached in RAM, or how much RAM is used by the kernel and device drivers? RAMMap... » read more

Generate Logs for Microsoft Support Troubleshooting for AlwaysOn

Please open the below link¬†https://aka.ms/getTSS 2. Copy the zip file to the Server 3. Unzip the contents of tss_tools.zip to a folder 4. Open PowerShell as Administrator 5. Change to the directory where the files were extracted 6. Run the following command: .\get-psSDP.ps1 Cluster In case if this command does not work please try .\tss... » read more

Blazor Server Side vs Client Side Debugging

Server Side Debugging Breakpoints can be reached from within Visual Studio. Client Side Debugging Breakpoints can not be reached within Visual Studio. Need to setup Breakpoints from within browser debugger. (Shift + Alt + D) Note: For Client Side Debugging, you may need to run browser in debugger mode using command line. You will see... » read more

Debugging Blazor WebAssembly App from within Browser

Client Side Debugging Make sure the Startup Project is set to MyApp01.Client project. Not the server project. Run debugger and press Shift + Alt + D Error message will pop up saying unable to find debuggable browser tab. Copy the command line code and run in command console. A new browser will be launched in... » read more

Debug Azure Web App using Kudu

Using Kudu First, let’s launch Kudu. You can do this in a variety of ways. Here are a few: Launch Kudu manually from the address bar If your website is https://magicalunicorns.azurewebsites.net, the Kudu URL is https://magicalunicorns.scm.azurewebsites.net. Notice the appended “scm.” here. You’ll need to be signed in with an account with access to the App Service resource... » read more