Install .NET 6 Entity Framework

Install the following packages from Nuget Package Manager… Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer Install Entity Framework.. Check to see if Entity Framework is installed You will get the following if EF is not installed… dotnet : Could not execute because the specified command or file was not found. At line:1 char:1 + dotnet ef + ~~~~~~~~~ +... » read more

Install Entity Framework for .NET Core

Install the Packages Go to Tools and then select -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console. You can see the PM> and copy and paste the below line to install the Database Provider package. This package is used to set the database provider as SQL Server You can see the PM> and copy and... » read more


Package Manager Console … Updates the “Identity” database to the last migration or to a specified migration. Note: You will run into errors if there is already existing identity tables from previous versions. Recommend creating a new database to create the identity tables and then apply updates to the existing identity database. The Update command will create... » read more

Update Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

Go to Model browser. MyStoreProc is the name of the stored procedure (as an example). MyStoreProc will appear in 3 places. 1st place- Under Complex Types -> as MyStoreProc_result 2nd Place- Under Function Imports -> as MyStoreProc 3rd Place – Under Stored Procedures/Functions -> as MyStoreProc Delete all three from model. Save the edmx (by... » read more