Accounting Reconciliation

In accounting, reconciliation is the process of ensuring that two sets of records are in agreement. Reconciliation is used to ensure that the money leaving an account matches the actual money spent. This is done by making sure the balances match at the end of a particular accounting period.

Deploy SSIS Packages using .ISPAC File

Copy .ISPAC file to the server. Click on the .ISPAC file on the server, this should bring up the Integration Services Deployment Wizard. Select packages and deployment server to deploy SSIS packages. Note .ISPAC file is generated in the bin\Development folder of Visual Studio project. SSIS Package deployment using .ISPAC file seems to be the... » read more

Server is not configured for remote access

Linked Server Error: Could not execute procedure on remote server ‘XXXX’ because SQL Server is not configured for remote access. Ask your system administrator to reconfigure SQL Server to allow remote access. Fix: Make sure remote access is enabled on the database server and that the server has been restarted if the configuration changed. Also... » read more

SQL Convert vs Cast

Convert vs Cast CAST and CONVERT are two SQL functions used by programmers to convert one data type to another. The CAST function is ANSI standard and is compatible to use in other databases while the CONVERT function is a specific function of the SQL server. Since the CAST function is compatible with other databases,... » read more

Report Viewer Download

Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime Install Errors Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2014 is missing. Download Microsoft SQLSysCLRTypes from Official Microsoft Download Center