Prior to the interview, ensure you can address each question.

Do you think you’d like to work for us? Why?

Reveals if you’ve been sharp enough to learn anything about the company.

How do you spend your spare time?

Shows if your interests are wide and if you are a balanced person.

What type of position are you most interested in?

May indicate if your main interest is making money. Ensure you align your response to the position you are interviewing for.

If you were starting your career now, what would you do differently?

Sometimes brings out the disturbing discovery that you are unhappy in your present occupation.

Are you eager to please?

Effective method of revealing a yes person.

What do people criticize you for?

This and the following question are good for revealing personality traits.

What would you say are your best qualities?

May show how much humility you possess.

What was your best boss like?  Your worst boss?

Reveals your ability to get along well in a work environment.

Why do you think you’d be good at this job?

Gives you a chance to tell more about your skills and personal characteristics. May reveal the braggart.

What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever tackled? The most satisfying?

Can show how high you will reach for achievement.

Do you wish to be a leader?  If so, why and in what way?

If you have any aggressive tendencies, these questions will reveal them.

What suggestions did you make in any previous job to cut costs/improve morale/increase output/whatever is appropriate?

Helps identify the idea person.

What subjects did you like in college?

Sometimes indicates basic personality traits.

What college activities did you participate in?

May reveal your social meter and your potential energy level.

Why did you leave your last job?

Reveals unpleasant situations.

What sort of progress in our company would seem normal to you?

Reveals your leadership potential and grasp of reality.

What would you have liked to do more of in your last job?

Can reveal something about your job preferences and attitudes.

What makes the difference between success and failure?

May show an idea person, a person with imagination and creativity.

How does this job compare with others you’re considering?

Could show how much shopping around you’ve done.

How did previous employers treat you?

May show your approach to people.

What would be your ideal job/career?

Is this job appropriate?

What do you think are the characteristics of a good supervisor (engineer, salesman, etc.)?

Indicates your preferences of how to be managed/led. May reveal leadership abilities.

Since none of us are perfect, what are your areas for improvement ?

May reveal more about your openness to self-improvement than the actual areas for improvement.

What was a typical day like at your last job?

Clues on energy level and attitude.

Ideally, how much money do you need to be content?

Reveals degree of money motivation.

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