ONLINE = ON for SQL Server Enterprise / Developer Edition ONLINE = OFF for SQL Server Standard Edition

Updating SSL Certificate for Azure Web App Input: (cert folder) mydomain.com_key.txt (key folder) (cert folder) Output: mydomain.pfx Upload the generated .pfx file to your Azure Web App “Certificates” and update your “Custom Domains” with the new certificate. Resources:

UDF (User Defined Functions) and Serialization

Your queries could be going parallel, but because of limitations in SQL Server, they staying serial: single-threaded. A lot of different things can cause this, including running SQL Server Express Edition (which only uses 1 CPU core), but the most common are Scalar UDFs. Generally, there’s not a server-level fix for these: you’re stuck rewriting the... » read more

Aligned and Non-Aligned Indexes for Partitioning

Partitioning is a powerful feature in SQL Server, allowing your data to be split across different “partitions”, which are simply smaller, more manageable pieces of a larger table or index. Partitioning can provide substantial performance benefits, especially for large tables, where queries that access only a fraction of the data can run much faster because... » read more