Setup SendGrid Account

  • Setup account at
  • Get API key.
  • NuGet and install SendGrid to app.

Blazor WebAssembly Setup


  • Add to “Server” project, not “Client” project.
  • Need to setup user secrete for the application first.

Add “SendGridUser” and “SendGridKey” user secrete to Server project.

PM> dotnet user-secrets init --project "C:\MyApp\Server"

PM> dotnet user-secrets set SendGridUser --project "C:\MyApp\Server"

PM> dotnet user-secrets set SendGridKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --project "C:\MyApp\Server"


  "SendGridUser": "",
  "SendGridKey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Add classes to Services folder

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UI.Services;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Options;
using SendGrid;
using SendGrid.Helpers.Mail;


    public class AuthMessageSenderOptions
        public string SendGridUser { get; set; }
        public string SendGridKey { get; set; }


    public class EmailSender : IEmailSender
        public EmailSender(IOptions<AuthMessageSenderOptions> optionsAccessor)
            Options = optionsAccessor.Value;

        public AuthMessageSenderOptions Options { get; } //set only via Secret Manager

        public Task SendEmailAsync(string email, string subject, string message)
            return Execute(Options.SendGridKey, subject, message, email);

        public Task Execute(string apiKey, string subject, string message, string email)
            var client = new SendGridClient(apiKey);
            var msg = new SendGridMessage()
                From = new EmailAddress("", Options.SendGridUser),
                Subject = subject,
                PlainTextContent = message,
                HtmlContent = message
            msg.AddTo(new EmailAddress(email));

            // Disable click tracking.
            // See
            msg.SetClickTracking(false, false);

            return client.SendEmailAsync(msg);

Areas.Identity.Pages.Account.RegisterConfirmation page

DisplayConfirmAccountLink = false;


using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UI.Services;
using MyApp.Server.Services;

        public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

            // requires
            // using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UI.Services;
            // using CustomersdbPOS.Server.Services;
            services.AddTransient<IEmailSender, EmailSender>();



Last modified: May 24, 2021



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