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using Syncfusion.Pdf;
using Syncfusion.Pdf.Graphics;
using Syncfusion.Pdf.Grid;
using Syncfusion.Drawing;
//Export weather data to PDF document.
public MemoryStream CreatePdf(WeatherForecast[] forecasts)
    if (forecasts == null)
        throw new ArgumentNullException("Forecast cannot be null");
   //Create a new PDF document
    using (PdfDocument pdfDocument = new PdfDocument())

        int paragraphAfterSpacing = 8;
        int cellMargin = 8;

        //Add page to the PDF document
        PdfPage page = pdfDocument.Pages.Add();

        //Create a new font
        PdfStandardFont font = new PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.TimesRoman, 16);

        //Create a text element to draw a text in PDF page
        PdfTextElement title = new PdfTextElement("Weather Forecast", font, PdfBrushes.Black);
        PdfLayoutResult result = title.Draw(page, new PointF(0, 0));

        PdfStandardFont contentFont = new PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.TimesRoman, 12);
        PdfTextElement content = new PdfTextElement("This component demonstrates fetching data from a service and Exporting the data to PDF document using Syncfusion .NET PDF library.", contentFont, PdfBrushes.Black);
        PdfLayoutFormat format = new PdfLayoutFormat();
        format.Layout = PdfLayoutType.Paginate;

        //Draw a text to the PDF document
        result = content.Draw(page, new RectangleF(0, result.Bounds.Bottom + paragraphAfterSpacing, page.GetClientSize().Width, page.GetClientSize().Height), format);

        //Create a PdfGrid
        PdfGrid pdfGrid = new PdfGrid();
        pdfGrid.Style.CellPadding.Left = cellMargin;
        pdfGrid.Style.CellPadding.Right = cellMargin;

        //Applying built-in style to the PDF grid

        //Assign data source
        pdfGrid.DataSource = forecasts;

        pdfGrid.Style.Font = contentFont;

        //Draw PDF grid into the PDF page
        pdfGrid.Draw(page, new Syncfusion.Drawing.PointF(0, result.Bounds.Bottom + paragraphAfterSpacing));

        using (MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream())
            //Saving the PDF document into the stream
            //Closing the PDF document
            return stream;


Last modified: April 11, 2021



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