Pages/sec is the rate at which pages are read from or written to disk to resolve hard page faults.

Memory: Pages/sec

A high rate for the Pages/sec counter could indicate excessive paging.

Memory: Page Faults/sec

Monitor the Memory: Page Faults/sec counter to make sure that the disk activity is not caused by paging.

Page Faults/sec is the rate at which page faults by the threads executing in this process are occurring. A page fault occurs when a thread refers to a virtual memory page that is not in its working set in main memory.


One or more applications are using memory heavily, and the system is having to page data to and from disk to meet the demand.


  • Apply updates to the operating system or the applications to ensure that any known memory issues are fixed.
  • Scale back the number of applications running on the virtual machine, or the amount of load that the virtual machine is undertaking.
  • Add more memory to the virtual machine.


Last modified: September 16, 2019



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