The Foreach Loop container defines a repeating control flow in a package. The loop implementation is similar to Foreach looping structure in programming languages. In a package, looping is enabled by using a Foreach enumerator. The Foreach Loop container repeats the control flow for each member of a specified enumerator.

SQL Server Integration Services provides the following enumerator types:

  • Foreach ADO enumerator to enumerate rows in tables. For example, you can get the rows in an ADO recordset.The Recordset destination saves data in memory in a recordset that is stored in a package variable of Object data type. You typically use a Foreach Loop container with the Foreach ADO enumerator to process one row of the recordset at a time. The variable specified for the Foreach ADO enumerator must be of Object data type. For more information about the Recordset destination, see Use a Recordset Destination.
  • Foreach ADO.NET Schema Rowset enumerator to enumerate the schema information about a data source. For example, you can enumerate and get a list of the tables in the AdventureWorks2012 SQL Server database.
  • Foreach File enumerator to enumerate files in a folder. The enumerator can traverse subfolders. For example, you can read all the files that have the *.log file name extension in the Windows folder and its subfolders.
  • Foreach From Variable enumerator to enumerate the enumerable object that a specified variable contains. The enumerable object can be an array, an ADO.NET DataTable, an Integration Services enumerator, and so on. For example, you can enumerate the values of an array that contains the name of servers.
  • Foreach Item enumerator to enumerate items that are collections. For example, you can enumerate the names of executables and working directories that an Execute Process task uses.
  • Foreach Nodelist enumerator to enumerate the result set of an XML Path Language (XPath) expression. For example, this expression enumerates and gets a list of all the authors in the classical period: /authors/author[@period='classical'].
  • Foreach SMO enumerator to enumerate SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) objects. For example, you can enumerate and get a list of the views in a SQL Server database.
  • Foreach HDFS File Enumerator to enumerate HDFS files in the specified HDFS location.
  • Foreach Azure Blob enumerator to enumerate blobs in a blob container in Azure Storage.
  • Foreach ADLS File enumerator to enumerate files in a directory in Azure Data Lake Store.


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