Avoid storing files in the database

  • Makes database size very hard to manage. Backups and restore.
  • Instead store files else where and store pointers to files in the database.

Avoid storing business logic in the database

  • Hard to maintain.
  • Example: don’t use database to send emails or move files.
  • Move business logic to application layer.

Avoid using Loops and Cursors

  • Cursors are row by row operations.
  • Use more memory.
  • Creates more blocking.
  • Consider moving these operations to application level.

Avoid using User Defined Functions (UDF)

  • They are again row by row operations.
  • Takes longer to run.
  • No parallel operations.
  • Harder to troubleshoot.

Avoid using Views and Nested Views

  • Nested views are views that used another view.
  • Hard to maintain.
  • Hard to troubleshoot performance problems.
Last modified: March 16, 2019



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