My take aways from reading the book “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class” by Steve Siebold.

  1. Objective Reality – Be realistic. Avoid delusion.
  2. World-Class Thinking – To be world class, need to think like world class.
  3. Sustained Concentration – Concentrate all your energies on a limit set of targets.
  4. Emotional Motivators – Motivated intrinsically by their dreams, desires, and passions.
  5. Separate Truth from Fact – Fact is reality, truth is our perception of reality. Operate on facts, not feelings.
  6. Lead Through Facilitated Introspection – Inspire people thur emotion. Understand what make people tick.
  7. Know They Are Unaware – Always learning. the more they learn, the more they realize how much they don’t know.
  8. Develop World-Class Beliefs – They can because they believe they can.
  9. Embrace Relativity – Raise level of expectation.
  10. Compartmentalizes Emotions – Don’t lose focus.
  11. Connects to the Source Through Gratitude – Ask for advice from within.
  12. Know Adversity is the Catalyst of Mental Toughness – Keep on pushing themselves.
  13. Do It All With Class – Have courage to do what’s right. When they win, they share credit with them. When they lose, they assume 100% responsibility.
  14. Make Do or Die Commitments – Pay whatever price to win. “If he can’t get over it, he goes through it”. You cannot keep a commit person from success.
  15. Consistently Great – Consistency in performance. Perform at high level day after day.
  16. Understand Logic vs Emotion – Human beings are emotional creatures driven by emotional motivators. Amateurs motivate through logic and the great one motivate through emotion.
  17. Willing to Suspend Their Disbelief – Be open-minded. Consider new ideas.
  18. Ferociously Cooperative – The great individual is no match for the great team. Persuade others to join forces with them. Whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  19. Curious – Learning from other people’s experiences. Always asking questions.
  20. Possess Supreme Confidence – Realized they were responsible for developing their own confidence and programmed themselves through a series of ongoing techniques. Learn to be proficient and entertaining public speaker.
  21. Evolve from Competing to Creating – Playing to win. I learn and I grow, that is how I win.
  22. Remember Their Roots – Never forget where they cam from. Be grateful for all of the people who contributed to their success.
  23. Never Bows to Criticism – Ignore the criticism. focus on ideas.
  24. Believe in Choice – Don’t have to do anything you choose not to do, you are in charge of your destiny. “Self-fulfilling prophecy”.
  25. Embraces Metacognition – Your inner thoughts determine your outer outcome.
  26. Don’t Require Immediate Compensation – Every effort performed will eventually yield some form of compensation at some point. Instant Pleasure that delivery short and sweet payoffs vs Delayed Gratification that deliver long and deep payoffs.
  27. Embrace Conflict for Growth – Welcome conflict and embrace it. See conflict as a healthy function of checks and balance. See conflict as an opportunity to gain a three-dimensional perspective on a problem.
  28. Comeback Artists – Don’t give up. Large-scale success is based on a series of comebacks. Focus on a vision and persevere at any cost. “A bet against a champion is a bad bet.”
  29. Masters of Work/Rest cycles – Humans are not machines. Know when to exert maximum effort and when to let your mind and bodies rest. Time off and life balance are key factors in performance cycle.
  30. Be Coachable – Be coachable and open minded. You will be surprise at what you will learn.
  31. Mentally Engaged in the Creative Process – Always searching for fresh ideas and new ways to interpret old ideas. Believe there is always a better, easier, faster way to accomplish anything and believe creative is the way to discover it. Discovery of a truth in an unrelated subject could easily be transferred to a current problem.
  32. Operate with a Clear Conscience – Answer to a jury of one: your conscience. Have greater mental clarity and internal focus. “Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves”.
  33. Common Sense is the Foundation – The secret to tapping your true genius is sometimes hidden in the act of not trying so hard. Solve challenges by looking at the situation as an outsider viewing it for the first time. Go back to essentials of life learned in kindergarten.
  34. Strive for Greater Competence – Become competent at what you do. Spend time building and improving your attitude, skills, and knowledge in your chosen field.
  35. Develop Bravery in the Battle for Your Dream – Facing your biggest doubts, fear, and worries are the ultimate challenge. Face the truth and take risks. “If you are frightened and look for failure, you will get them. Expect victory and you make victory”.
  36. Hold Strong Convictions – Believe you have the power to influence people and change the world.
  37. Master the Art of Interpersonal Communication – Build professional networks. Ask questions and pay attention. Win friends and influence people.
  38. Are Decisive – Willingness to make a decision and take full responsibility for the outcome. Courage and self-trust.
  39. Choose Discipline over Pleasure – Ability to stay the course and complete your promise.
  40. Determined to Win – Whatever it takes to win. Expect to feel pain and have mentally trained to push past it.
  41. Dedicate Their Lives to Greatness – A habit. Dedicate to getting what they want from life. Focus on achievement.
  42. Driven by a World-Class Belief System – Driven to succeed. You can because you believe you can.
  43. Has Great Expectations – Motivated by positive expectations. Superstars in minds long before superstars in reality. Positive brainwashing..
  44. Are the Most Enthusiastic People Alive – Life is a game to play to the best of your ability.
  45. Love What They Do – Choose what you do based on pure enjoyment of the the activity.
  46. Create a Winning Environment – Learn to create your own environment of ongoing learning and growth. Discover greatest joy in the conquering of their greatest obstacles.
  47. Makes Exercise a Priority – A sound mind and body are one and the same. Find something you like to do and make it a habit.
  48. Are Professional Failures – See failure as a building block of success and treat it as a teacher. Not about protecting your egos, but about learning and growing.
  49. Have Tremendous Faith – Have faith in yourself and high level of self-trust.
  50. Handle Fear Like a Snake Charmer – Learn to embrace fear. Becoming comfortable wile performing in an uncomfortable state of mind. Systematical desensitization.
  51. Evolve from Fear to Love-Based Motivation – Go from motivation by fear of failure to excitement of vision for the future.
  52. Understand the Limits of Money – Seek fulfillment. Fulfillment doesn’t come from the results of their actions, but from the actions themselves.
  53. Future Oriented – Look toward the future. “If it is to be, it is up to me”.
  54. Challenge the Facts – Challenge the status quo. Always seeking a better, faster, more efficient, effective method of doing things.
  55. Driven by Fun – Love what you do. “When you have fun, you can do amazing things”.
  56. Learn to Forgive – Operate from a love-based consciousness that recognizes the emotion-based irrational behavior of people.
  57. Know Why You Are Fighting – Willing to fight for your vision. Willing to suffer and sacrifice to make their visions reality.
  58. Know That Very Good is Bad – Very Good vs Very Great. Don’t settle for less. Always strife for the best.
  59. Embraces Free Enterprise – See yourself as self-employed, regardless of who signs your paycheck. We are the presidents of our own professional services corporations.
  60. Believe in Global Citizenship – Believe in one collective global community. Create vision that have no geographical boundaries.
  61. Don’t Give Back, Just Give – Give without reservation or anticipation of a trade.
  62. Obsessed with Their Goals – Embed your goals deeply into your subconscious minds daily. Mental clarity is the cornerstone of all achievement.
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