Access iPad/iPhone Photos and Videos from PC

In order to access photos and videos stored on your iPad/iPhone device, you have to download and install iTunes and transfer files via iTunes software. You CAN NOT access the photos and videos directly using USB cable connection. Step 1. Connect your iPad to your PC via a USB or WiFi. Step 2. Click the... » read more

Copy Files Between Two Computers

When copying files between two computer on the network, you can either 1) remote desktop on to the computer and copy there or 2) on your local computer, open up folder with the following location… \\Server01\D$\Folder01 Option #2 coping files from your local computer will be faster.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action F11 Full Screen F12 Console Ctrl + F5 Clear Cache and Reload Page Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen Last Closed Tab Ctrl + Shift + Delete Clear Browsing Data Ctrl and + Zoom In Ctrl and – Zoom Out Ctrl + D Bookmark Current Page Sources:

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action F5 Build Crtl + K + C Comment Line Crtl + K + U Uncomment Line Crtl + M + O Collapse All Crtl + Scroll Up Zoom In Ctrl + Scroll Down Zoom Out Printable Sheet Click to get our printable keyboard shortcut cheatsheet for Visual Studio Sources:

Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action Windows + Left Arrow Snap to Left Screen Windows + Right Arrow Snap to Right Screen Windows + D Show/Hide Desktop Windows + Tab Open Task View Windows + T Cycle Task Bar Apps Windows + E Open File Explorer Alt + Tab Switch Apps Alt + Esc Cycle Through Apps Ctrl +... » read more

Managing NTFS Permissions and Share Permissions

Access to a shared folder required both share permission and NTFS permission. Managing NTFS Permissions and Share Permissions If you find working with two separate sets of permissions to be too complicated or time consuming to manage, you can switch to using only NTFS permissions. Shared folder permissions provide limited security for your folders. Therefore, you gain the greatest flexibility... » read more