Syncfusion Blazor undefined ‘throttle’

Error: Microsoft.JSInterop.JSException: Cannot read property ‘throttle’ of undefinedTypeError: Cannot read property ‘throttle’ of undefined    at https://localhost:44381/_content/Syncfusion.Blazor/scripts/sf-accumulation-chart-5f1ab0.min.js:1:1257    at Object../modules/sf-accumulation-chart.js  Fix:

Syncfusion Grid CRUD Operation

Note: In order for the CRUD operation to work, you must have the following… A Primary Key column defined in the grid. The source of the grid must be a List. IEnumerable will not work. You can either use the OnActionBegin or OnActionComplete grid events to handle the CRUD operations. Example

Syncfusion MenuItem Event


Syncfusion DatePicker Calendar