MMC could not create the snap-in for Task Scheduler

Error: MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly. Fix: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a built-in feature in Windows operating system that lets you manage snap-in on the go. Snap-ins are basic component of a console. Sometimes, snap-ins may not work properly, especially if the registry configuration of... » read more

Rebuilding of indexes cause the transactional log file to grow

The index rebuild operation runs by default in a single long-running transaction, that prevents the Transaction Log space reuse while rebuilding a large index. Switching to the BULK_LOGGED recovery mode while doing an index rebuild operation will reduce the amount of transaction log generated. If you’re considering using the BULK_LOGGED recovery mode, beware that you... » read more

Add Custom Claim from Entra in Blazor

Edit property mapping in Client App → Managed application in local directory → Single sing-on → Attributes & Claims Note: You will receive the following error after creating a new claims. Fix this by setting the “acceptMappedClaims” to “true” in your app manifest. There was an error trying to log you in: ‘xxxxxxx: This application... » read more

Hash Index

What is a ‘HASH INDEX’ in SQL? A Hash Index is a specific type of index that works best for equality comparisons. It uses a hash function to distribute rows evenly across a specified number of buckets. The hash function takes column values as input and returns a bucket number. When a query involving an... » read more

Recreating MSSQL Always On using SSMS AlwaysOn Wizard

Recreating Always On from an existing setup using SSMS AlwaysOn Wizard. Note: Delete all database and database files on secondary servers. Make sure all drive and folder mapping are the same as primary server. Use Local drive or NAS drive for AlwaysOn backup file location. Make sure existing database backup jobs has been disabled. Might... » read more

Install .NET Workload wasm-tools

.NET workload wasm-tools .NET wordload wasm-tools-net6 Visual Studio -> Tools -> Command Line -> Developer Command Prompt Example: ********************************************************************** ** Visual Studio 2022 Developer Command Prompt v17.9.6 ** Copyright (c) 2022 Microsoft Corporation ********************************************************************** C:\Users\xxxxx\source\repos>dotnet workload list Installed Workload Id Manifest Version Installation Source --------------------------------------------------------------------- maui-windows 8.0.7/8.0.100 VS 17.9.34728.123 maccatalyst 17.2.8004/8.0.100 VS 17.9.34728.123 ios 17.2.8004/8.0.100... » read more

Restore Database from full, differential, and log backup files. RESTORE WITH NORECOVERY which leaves the database non-operational, and does not roll back the uncommitted transactions. Additional transaction logs can be restored. The database cannot be used until it is recovered. Examples (Transact-SQL) A. Restoring a differential database backup This example restores a database and differential database backup of the MyAdvWorks database. B. Restoring a database, differential... » read more

Setup Email Subscription for SSRS

To setup email for SSRS subscription, go to Report Server Configuration Manager. Go to the E-mail Settings and fill in the SMTP Settings fields. Sender Address: Current SMTP Delivery Method: Use SMTP server SMTP Server: Authentication: No authentication Note: Make sure to restart the SSRS service after making modifications to these fields.